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Board of Directors
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Apr 29 2016 3:57PM ET


Our Board of Directors represents a broad spectrum of business and financial experience. Daily, they challenge the AGL Resources' team, never permitting management to pre-empt the Board's role in reviewing and approving major corporate initiatives and results. It is a system that benefits all our stakeholders.

The Investor Relations section of our website contains a comprehensive description of our corporate governance philosophy, policies and the composition and charters for each of our board committees. The combination of these corporate governance practices, combined with the level of management depth and experience we have at AGL, positions us well as one of the top-tier companies in the country when it comes to taking governance issues and actions seriously.

Pursuant to Section 303A of the New York Stock Exchange Listing Standards, our Board of Directors has adopted categorical standards for determining director independence. To be considered "independent" for purposes of these standards, the Board of Directors must affirmatively determine that a director has no material relationship with the Company other than as a director. In each case, the Board shall consider all relevant facts and circumstances and shall apply the following standards. The Board of Directors has determined that all non-employee members of the Board are independent. Additional information concerning the Board's independence analysis can be found in our proxy statement available on this website under SEC Filings.

To access additional information about our Board members, select from the following links:

Sandra N. Bane

Sandra N. Bane
Retired Audit Partner, KPMG, LLP
Thomas D. Bell

Thomas D. Bell, Jr.
Chairman of Mesa Capital Partners, LLC
Norman R. Bobins

Norman R. Bobins
Chief Executive of Norman Bobins Consulting, LLC
Director since 2008 Director since 2004 Director since 2011

Charles R. Crisp

Charles R. Crisp
Retired CEO and Director of Coral Energy, a subsidiary of Shell Oil Company
Brenda J. Gaines

Andrew W. Evans
President and Chief Executive Officer of AGL Resources
Brenda J. Gaines

Brenda J. Gaines
Retired President and CEO of Diners Club North America, a division of Citigroup
Director since 2003 Director since 2016 Director since 2011

Arthur E. Johnson

Arthur E. Johnson
Retired Senior Vice President, Lockheed Martin Corporation
Wyck A. Knox, Jr

Wyck A. Knox, Jr.
Counsel to and Former Partner in, Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton, LLP
Dennis M. Love

Dennis M. Love
Chairman of the Board and CEO, Printpack, Inc.
Director since 2002 Director since 1998 Director since 1999

Charles H. "Pete" McTier

Dean R. O'Hare
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Chubb Corporation
Dean R. O'Hare

Armando J. Olivera
Retired President and CEO of Florida Power & Light Company
Armando J. Olivera

John E. Rau
President and CEO of Miami Corporation
Director since 2005 Director since 2011 Director since 2011

John E. Rau

James A. Rubright
Chairman of the Board of Directors of AGL Resources and Retired Chairman and CEO, RockTenn Company
John W. Somerhalder II

Bettina M. Whyte
President, Bettina Whyte Consultants, LLC
Bettina M. Whyte

Henry C. Wolf
Retired Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer of Norfolk Southern Corporation
Director since 2001 Director since 2004 Director since 2004


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