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Supplier Information

Supplier Registration Form

AGL Resources and its subsidiaries do business with many contractors and suppliers. It is a fundamental policy of AGL Resources that such dealings shall be conducted on a fair and non-discriminatory basis, free from improper influences, so all participating contractors and suppliers may be considered on the basis of quality and overall cost of the product or service.

Our policy is to seek out and obtain the best value for AGL Resources. Accordingly, AGL Resources will not recognize any oral agreements; and conversations with AGL Resources employees or representatives shall not be construed to imply a commitment of obligation on behalf of AGL Resources. Any information disclosed or made known to AGL Resources shall be deemed public and non-proprietary. Information shall not be received in confidence, unless a prior written agreement authorizing such exchange of information has been executed by an authorized representative of AGL Resources.

Prior to registering, we encourage you to view the Registration Process guide. If you indicate you are a diverse organization, you will be prompted to upload the proper documentation from a recognized agency.

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